Divine Resonance Health Center Asheville NC

The Divine Resonance Health Center’s mission is to serve humanity by helping raise the vibration of the Earth’s consciousness using both ancient & new modalities so that individuals can realize their collective unity in order to promote, peace, love, & freedom in the natural world.

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We’re so pleased to announce the launch of our very own eCommerce Store which offers products and services that matter to you. You can purchase one of our Workshops (Services) or actual Products (Items). Get divine tuning forks for Acutonics, Crystal Singing Bowls, and more.

Divine Resonance Health Center, Asheville, NC

We have a variety of different Workshops ranging from free-flowing “Playshops” which utilize crystal tone bowls & other instruments that open chakras, to more-focused Acutonics classes that have structure & order. There are group sessions & individual sessions available. DahVid travels nationally to execute his workshops as well.

“How do you put into words the overwhelming feeling of relief & joy when finally be able to release much unwanted energy, so many blockages. I AM truly inspired by this healing technique, to go and help others using this method. Thank You for this enlightening experience!” ~M.T.B., West Palm Beach, FL.

“This was an insightful adventure into the SOUNDS of Life & Healing! Great Time. Nicely broken up with lecture and experiential. A fab time was had by all. Great hands on treatment. Lots of good information as well. Loved your demeanor.” (All About OHM Workshop) ~Robin B., Tucson, AZ.


Rev. DahVid Weiss, L.Ac., D.O.M., PhD., is  National Board Certified (Dipl.AC.), Licensed Acupuncturist (AZ), Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL.),(NC),  Herbalist, Nutritionist, Vibrational Medicine Specialist and Licensed Spiritual Health Coach with over 27 years professional experience within Holistic environments.

We are in a new and entirely different age: The Seventh Golden Age, Divine Feminine. This new age has brought about a gradual shift in collective consciousness that is leaving the 3D world behind and embracing the 5D Diamond Consciousness. All of DahVid’s modalities focus around bringing the individual to this understanding.


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