The Divine Resonance Health Center is an ever-evolving collaboration between DahVid Weiss and THE DIVINE. He’s been gracious enough to share his insights with those around him, and inviting you to join him in this journey. Look below to discover more.

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The Divine Resonance Health Center is currently being operated from DahVid Weiss’ home, and is therefore not in it’s older location in Westgate Shopping Center. Click for more info about where our workshops and classes are held.

About DahVid Weiss


DahVid Weiss has been on the forefront of the new age in Chinese Medicine, Sound Healing with Acutonics, and various other modalities that focus on not just healing one part of your body, but all parts. Click here to get the entire scoop on DahVid.

Collective Partners


DahVid is building a Collective Partnership with those in the healing space. If you’re interested in joining the Collective Partnership with The Divine Resonance Health Center and DahVid Weiss, please click here and tell us about your modalities.

Testimonials About DahVid Weiss


Testimonials are some of the best ways that you can gain a little insight on a person, and what they do, and what they’re doing for those around them. Click here to read all the delightful testimonials about DahVid Weiss and The Divine Resonance Health Center.

Elohim Sound Healing Contact Form


Feel free to contact us about your interests in any one of our modalities such as: Vibrational Nutrition, Taoist Qi-gong, Acutonics Sound Healing, Lightwave Infusion Therapy, Biomat Therapy, or to become a Collective Partner. Click here.

Chinese Acupuncture Healer in Asheville NC


Staying in touch with me through my eNewsletter and blog page is one of the best ways to get great deals and updates about what’s going on with The Divine Resonance Health Center, and me, Davhid. Click here to check out my blog.