DahVid Weiss Asheville NC
Most Recently DahVid has authored, “Intuitive  Recipe Manual #1”; His most popular Super Food Recipes and Elixirs! (2015). Please visit the Store for more information.

For Many Years, I heard people say; “DahVid Can I buy your healing CD”?   That “Download” Manifested after We did 11/11/11 event with 300+ people in Asheville, NC.. In December 2011, I went to a recording Studio and created 3 CD’s in 2 days. In 2013 we Launched a 4th CD.

In 2009 DahVid completed a Certification at The Living Foods Institute.(Certified Living Foods Educator) He had studied Longevity Now program , as well as visiting other Living/Raw Food Institutes.

Educated by the top Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine schools in California and Florida, he currently holds licensure Nationally, in the State of; Arizona and Florida. He also has a Doctorate in Theology. He is also a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach! DahVid has a rich background and experience in shamanic and spiritual circles, combined with Esoteric Acupuncture, Vibrational Medicine/Sound Healing, Herbal Medicine,  Ayurvedic & Chinese Nutrition, Taoist Medical Qi-Gong&Sound, Intuitive Medical Treatments, SOULAR Attunements and Language of Light!

He has achieved Masters Level Certificate, Senior Faculty Member of The Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine.

DahVid’s Sound Healing Practice Status

In addition, DahVid Weiss is a teacher and mentor.  He is available for Mentorship Teachings in 2015/16. I have 1 slot open. The time frame is 6-12 months. Learn about how to Integrate SOUND Healing and Asian Medicine into your practice. Tibetan Bowls on the body. Crystal Bowls in and around the body. Intuitive Medicine. Medical Qi-Giong and Taoist Qi Gong with Sound Healing! Gong Baths. Herbal Medicine. Food Therapy , Chinese and Ayervedic Style.

His Certified Acutonics® PLAYSHOPS/classes are known to be dynamic, healing and exciting to keep your enthusiasm ready to go out and TUNE the world, helping heal one by one! He also teaches , LIVING/RAW FOODS and Deep Breathing Techniques. His unique style of teaching is both dynamic and captivating. He shares knowledge willingly, and assists individuals on their journey in a heartfelt way.

DahVid is a Certified Detoxification Specialist in Acupuncture, and has been the driving force in setting up Palm Beach County’s first Acupuncture Detoxification Program with The Palm Beach County Drug Court in 2001. He additionally specializes in the treatment of H.I.V. and A.I.D.S, and has participated in a federal-funded grant study in treating H.I.V.-related neuropathy.

This Journey Harmonically Vibrated through the SOUL of my being in the late eighties.

DahVid pioneered “The Acupuncture Donation Program,” a grass roots program which calls upon the holistic and medical communities to donate support, supplies, and acupuncture needles for use in free treatment programs.

As part of an effort to increase public awareness of the progress, promise, and benefits of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine & Vibrational Medicine, DahVid donated free acupuncture treatments to the addictively challenged.

DahVid is known for his deep compassion and ability to assist people on their journeys by working through the heart chakra. By journeying together, your natural state of balance can be restored within your being.