Elohim Toning/Merkaba Activation

The 72 names of the Divine also transforms in to the 144 names of the Divine, used in Elohim Toning.

Ancient Kabalistic/ELOHIM Toning is a form of healing the cells in the body through YOUR own sound.The vibrations that eminate from your throat chakra ignite healing. These sounds will bring transformations in health and consciousness in the new paradigm. Clear blockages in the energy centers, heal from dis-ease! INtoning raises the vibratory field of the body in and around it. We work on blockages and clear the blueprint( Adam Kadmon) or (primordial human) of your physical, emotional, spiritual,mental and SOUL bodies. It is like bathing in the melodies of LOVE, 5th dimension of the heart to heal and harmonize through sound.

Empower YOUR Divine Being

The 72 names of the Divine combined with Crystal Tone Alchemy Bowls will clear out any negative energy in the lower mental, physical and spiritual bodies within and around you.

CRYSTAL TONE Alchemy Bowls invoke a Precision Presence to Penetrate the Auric Field, dissolving and breaking up crystallized patterns held in the, emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and soul energy lower bodies! These Alchemy Bowls respond to the Crystalline Energies that we are in. This connects to The Music of The Spheres.

These Sacred Sounds then fill in any holes in your fields. COMBINED with Sacred Transmissions of Sound & a Pi Geometric Grid, YOU get to go on a Divinely Delicious Journey! 5th Dimension and higher if you choose.

Imagine embodying waves of light through sound and vibration! That activates and expands your DNA strands, enabling a conscious expansion into higher awareness as well as deeper alignment in Oneness!

These Crystal Singing Bowls are made with the highest grade quartz crystal , assured to be 99.992% pure. Crystal Tone Bowls are Available at Divine Resonance Health.

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This CD is an guided sacred geometry visualization & Elohim Rainbow Toning sequence to open the PINEAL Gland and open the Heart of Hearts. The Beacon of Light. Connect the Dots in life faster!

Get your guidance , as you ìPLUGî into the Universe easier and or faster! Connect in ONENESS and others through the grids who are toning and shifting!