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Have you always wanted to try acupuncture but are afraid of needles? Now, there’s a therapy that promises the same relief but doesn’t involve any poking at all.

Acutonics treatment uses sound vibrations, and is similar to acupuncture in practice. It’s the latest alternative therapy to treat all kinds of ailments – from pain to sleep deprivation, and even stress. This modern technique blends different forms of ancient Chinese medicine. It is returning the art and spirit back to medicine!

Typical Integrative Treatment Session

In a typical session, the acupuncture points are stimulated. But, instead of using needles – as with acupuncture – the treatment involves vibrations from Planetary tuning forks and or toning.

Meridians are  pathways are mostly made of water. “Sound travels four times faster in water and through water than it does in air. Our body is a sound resonator. We have some frequencies that are more stimulating, others that are more sedating, others that are nourishing to the fluids in the body.


Sacred Healing Accompaniments ;

Crystal Tone  Alchemy Bowls,  Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls (used on the body), Medical Qi-Gong, Taoist Qi-Gong, needle-less Acupuncture, Sacred Sound Codes toned into your vessel, Drumming, Rattles, Therapeutic Essential Oils, Crystal are used as well.

Note that some can be added to your healing session.

Full treatment and Intake ;Energy Exchange  111.00

Functional Nutrition Session; 55.00

Global Medical Intuition Session; (in person) 85.00    (by phone) 65.00


Now offering Global Medical Intuition Healing Sessions  contact; dahvid@mac.com