The Lightwave Energy process is based on the understanding that the body is comprised of both physical substance and spiritual energy.

Therefore, infusions of various frequencies through energetic transfer (from one person’s energy field to another) will begin to heal and restore the natural balance. You can see the truth of this concept in simple person-to-person ‘energy infusions’ such as a hug, a kiss or a smile. Subsequently, Lightwave works by infusing the energy field and core spiritual blueprint with the frequencies that are needed and that may not be able to be received through normal means. These infusions will immediately start shifting and balancing the individual’s thoughts and emotions; eventually manifesting complete restoration within the physical body.

Akashic Blueprinting & Core Issues

Core issues influence our thoughts, emotions and behavior and can distort our perceptions of the world and those around us. Generally, a core issue will follow an individual through many lifetimes gaining momentum and power. Each and every individual on the planet has at least one core issue to clear relating to fear; often stemming from traumatic experiences or emotional trauma. A core issue creates an emotional response to a situation (often unconscious) and can influence/imbalance the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of an individual.

There are many types of core issues including; abandonment, anger, approval/people pleaser, arrogance/entitlement, control/manipulation, fear of failure, guilt, inferiority, poverty consciousness, safety/trust Issues, unworthiness, difficulty with authority, fear of change, fear of death, fear of disappointment, fear of intimacy/commitment, loneliness, fear of rejection, fear of taking risks/facing challenges and fear of the unknown.

Deep core issues can seem puzzling and may often be hidden from the individual. These issues will always create many challenges until a person becomes aware of them and begins to consciously clear and release the trigger point. The goal of each soul is to create balance and harmony within; clearing limitations/core issues and refining all lower aspects of the personality as well as upgrading the consciousness on all levels. The Akashic Blueprinting process works to directly target the origin of these core issues and helps the you to clear out all.

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