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The Power of The Music of The Spheres as WE create this together with the SACRED SONIC Vibrations Bathe YOU and align YOU. Just be open and here! Sound Waves Stream through and through like a sonic quickening that infuses the body with PURE Sound waves and Light waves. This clears the mind and body!

The mission of the DEEP Sivasana Sound Baths is to allow the Vibrations flow through the seed being of who you are on all vibrational levels, As Above So Below. Its all about Sacred Journeying to raise OUR Vibration. We invite you to our Sacred Sound Circles & Harmonic Immersion Baths to soothe your Soul.  Let the Sacred Sounds of Pure Crystal Tones Alchemical Bowls energize and soothe you into the Emergence of this Time We Evolve in.


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OCTOBER 24th, 2015       5:30pm