Acutonics Level: III Harmonic Attunement


  • Date: OCTOBER 16-19th 2015 (11:00 AM – 7:30 PM)
  • Location: Divine Resonance Health Center, Asheville, NC, USA
  • Facilitator: Dahvid Weiss, PhD., D.O.M., L.Ac

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This advanced training initiates Acutonics practitioners into a deeper understanding of the Music of the Spheres and its holographic and transformational relationship with the Earth and its inhabitants. Using planetary tools, including AcutonicsÆ Planetary Tuning Forks, planetary gongs, sacred oils, attunements, and rituals, we explore planetary frequencies, archetypes, mythos, and their effects on physiology, psychology, and consciousness. Students experience and work with the more sophisticated layers, applications, and techniques of the Acutonics System of Sound Healing. Practitioners build on their knowledge from Acutonics Levels I and II and are introduced to the Acutonics Planetary Tuning Forks, Chiron Tuning Forks, Planetary Gongs, and custom blended essential oils with planetary frequency.

For YOUR INJOY-Ment** Indulge in Raw living foods that have been made with genuine LOVE! Come PLAY and Infuse living foods with alkaline water in a holy sacrament to raise our vibration with Alchemical Healing Elixirs.