These DEE-Licious truffles are a passion that started 4 years ago! I AM a Raw Foodie and a foodie! I went Raw 10 years ago and shed 60 pounds! I have taken Certified Living Food Courses and worked in kitchens.


Organic • Gluten-Free • Raw • Vegan • Handmade

Almonds, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Coconut Blossom Sugar (Low Glycemic), Nutmeg, Maca Root, Spirulina, Cacao Nibs, Madagascar Vanilla, Coconut Flakes
Infused with Sacred Sounds Codes, 5D Crystaline Frequencies and Love


This food passion also aligns with my passion for Asian Medicine and Vibrational Medicine. ALL MY FOOD IS CHARGED!! Many people in town have tasted these, I facilitate Raw Food MeetUp Potlucks, (bring them there), and make them for my students in classes that I teach as well as many friends. So many have been asking for them!

Truffles can be found at:

More locations coming soon…

Custom orders can be made in at least 1 dozen. We need 5 days lead time to prepare. They make great gifts for parties and LOVE occasions!

So here is my contribution to our Loving Community through food!

There are going to be a seasonal flavor call Pumpkin Spice due out in mid-fall, yearly. Stay tuned!